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All American Brew-Off 2016
July 9, 2016, 10 am - 3 pm

Beer Festival
Ale On The Border Beer Festival, July 8, 2016, 6 - 10 pm.

Meeting Announcement 05/02/2016

Attention all fellow BEER & wine lovers and fellow home brewers! The first of the month has rolled around once again, which means our River Valley Ale Raisers monthly BEER meeting is THIS Tuesday evening (May 3rd) at GrowFresh (2900 S. Zero St., next to Eureka Pizza) from 6:00 - 8:00-ish. We'll be discussing the upcoming Club Big Brew Day (for National Home Brew Day THIS Sat., May 7th at GrowFresh), our Ale On The Border Beer Festival (Friday, July 8th), and our All-American Brew Off (Saturday, July 9th). We need as much club participation as possible to make these events a great success. Sooo, bring some of your favorite Craft BEER, home brew, wine, Mead, and whatever other home-made goodies you'd like to share with the group, and come discuss these topics with us. Hope to see everyone there...

Meeting Announcement 03/05/2016

Alright folks! It's that time again! A new month brings us again to our River Valley Ale Raisers monthly BEER meeting. It will be THIS Tuesday (April 5th) evening from 6:00 - 8:00-ish at GrowFresh (2900 S. Zero St., next to Eureka Pizza). We'll be discussing/deciding whether or not to host a club Big Brew Day on May 7th (National Home Brew Day), and making plans for our upcoming All-American Brew Off and Ale On The Border BEER Festival. SO, bring some of your favorite Craft BEER, Home Brew, Wine, Mead, and whatever homemade goodies you want to share with the group. Look forward to seeing EVERYONE there!

Meeting Announcement 02/29/2016

Alright all my BEER folks! It's once again time for our River Valley Ale Raisers monthly BEER meeting THIS Tuesday (March 1st) night at GrowFresh Organics and More from 6:00 - 8:00-ish. We'll let y'all know how our Big Brew Day went this past weekend. We'll talk about some current and upcoming 'news and events.' And we'll start talking about plans for the All-American Brew Off and Ale On the Border coming up in a few short months. So, grab some of your favorite home brew, craft BEER, wine, mead, and/or other homemade goodies to share around, and bring yourselves on down to join in the fun! See EVERYONE there.... ‪

Big Brew Day! 02/25/2016

Hope everyone can join us for the River Valley Ale Raisers Big Brew Day this coming weekend. We will be starting around 9 a.m. on Saturday (the 27th), and we'll be brewing all day, so if you need supplies hit Paul up in the morning and come brew with us. If you want to brew beer for the club, then we will pay for the base grain for a 10 gal. batch, and the club will take 5 gal. If not, then come brew with us anyway! Hope to see you all there! Location 2111 S Q St., Fort Smith, AR 72901

Meeting Announcement 02/01/2016

Alright fellow BEER LOVERS! We've reached the start of a new month, thus we'll be having our River Valley Ale Raisers Home Brew Club BEER meeting THIS Tuesday night (Feb. 2nd) from 6:00 - 8:00-ish at GrowFresh Organics and More (2900 S. Zero St., next to Eureka Pizza). Unless things have changed (and I don't know about it yet), this will be our last meeting at this location. One of our topics of discussion will be a new meeting location going forward. We'll also be talking about the Big Brew Day for the club coming up on Feb. 27th at Andy's place. Another thing to think about; FrostFest is coming up this Saturday in Fayetteville. Check out Fossil Cove Brewing Co.'s FB page/webiste for details. So come on down, bring some of your favorite libations with ya to share around, and let's talk BEER, home brewing, and spreading the Craft Beer message to every corner of the state! See EVERYONE there.... ‪#‎CHEERS‬!

See EVERYONE there.... ‪#‎CHEERS‬!
Meeting Announcement 01/04/2016

Aright fellow BEER lovers! A new month (and New Year) are upon us once again.... that means it's time for our River Valley Ale Raisers monthly BEER meeting THIS Tuesday night (Jan. 5th) at GrowFresh Organics and More of Fort Smith Arkansas (2900 S. Zero St., next to Eureka Pizza) at 6:00! So, bring some of your favorite home-brew, craft BEER, wine, mead, and/or whatever homemade goodies ya want to toss on the pile and join us for some 'post holiday' imbibing. Let's discuss how we can make THIS year the best yet for our home-brew club, shall we??

See y'all there! Cheers‬!
BEER-mas party/pot-luck 11/29/2015

O.K. folks, I've got an update for all my River Valley Ale Raisers peeps. We WILL NOT be having our monthly BEER meeting this Tuesday (which would be the normal time for our Dec. meeting). This is because we will be folding it into our BEER-mas party/pot-luck, which we'll be holding on Dec. 12th (second Sat. night) at 6:00 p.m. We'll be having said party at the same location as we did last year; @ the Chaffee Crossing Media Center building (on Roberts Blvd.). Check out for directions.... click on the media center and/or maps tab(s) on their site to see appropriate maps. Please get with Donna and/or Paul and let them know what food stuffs (BEER and other libations are definitely welcome also) you intend to bring and/or find out what is needed.

Hope to see EVERYONE out there on the 12th! Cheers‬!
Meeting Announcement 11/03/2015

What time is it?? It's BEER time!! That's right, our River Valley Ale Raisers monthly BEER meeting is coming up THIS Tuesday evening from 6:00 - 8:00-ish at GrowFresh Organics and More of Fort Smith Arkansas (2900 S. Zero St., next to Eureka Pizza). We'll be having the check presentation (the proceeds from our Ale On the Border event back in July) to the folks at Antioch for Youth & Family. We'll also be discussing and making plans for our annual BEER-mas party coming up in December. Sooo, grab some of your favorite home brew, craft beer, wine, mead, and whatever other homemade goodies you'd like to share with the group and head on down for some "spirited" conversation about all things Alcohol.

Meeting Announcement 08/31/2015

Alright folks! What time is it?? It's our River Valley Ale Raisers monthly BEER meeting time! We'll be meeting TOMORROW night at GrowFresh Organics and More of Fort Smith Arkansas from 6:00 - 8:00-ish. We intend to give the proceeds from last month's Ale On the Border Beer Festival to Charlotte from Antioch Youth & Family. We also should have all the details for our next Big Brew Day (Sept. 12th) ironed out and will announce accordingly. Soooo, come on down, bring some of your favorite BEER, wine, mead, and any other homemade goodies ya want to share around, and join in the fun!

2015 All American Brew Off Results 07/27/2015
The results are in!!

2015 All American Brew Off Results

Thank you to all who participated and made our 7th annual competition an overall success!

Ale on the Border 05/31/2015

Summer time is almost upon us once again folks! We all know what that means..... BBQ's, pool parties, family vacations, and yes, Outdoor BEER festivals! wink emoticon With that in mind, we at the River Valley Ale Raisers are putting on the 2nd annual Ale On the Border Beer Festival on July 25th from 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m., and would LOVE for everyone to come out to Harry E. Kelley Riverfront Park to drink some good beer (100+ will be available again this year), eat some delicious food (we'll have vendors on hand), and jam to some live music (still in the works) to support an excellent LOCAL charity.... Antioch Youth & Family (which feeds over 7,000 meals to needy families HERE in Fort Smith, AR every month with a staff comprised entirely of volunteers). Tickets for this year's fundraising event will be $20 at the gate, or you can get them online after June 1st for $15. More information can be found on our website at We're hoping to see at least 1,000 of y'all out there this year.... so come join us!

Meeting Announcement 05/31/2015

It's that time again folks! Our monthly River Valley Ale Raisers BEER meeting is THIS Tuesday evening (June 2nd) at GrowFresh at 6:00 - 8:00-ish. You know the drill. Bring in some of your favorite home brew, craft beer, wine, mead, and w/e other goodies you'd like to share with the group, and throw 'em on the pile. wink emoticon We're gearing up for this year's All American Brew Off competition and Ale On the Border Beer Festival (both on July 25th), so come prepared to contribute to the discussion on how we can make both of these events even better this year. See EVERYONE there....

Meeting Announcement 02/03/2015

Alright fellow Home Brewers! The first of the month has rolled around again, which means our BEER meeting is THIS Tuesday (March 3rd) night at GrowFresh at 6:00. Come join us for some BEER conversation(s) while enjoying some excellent home brews, craft beers, wine, mead, and whatever else y'all bring to throw on the pile. If ya want to take home some bottles that have been donated to the club, bring a couple 6-pack carriers with you also. We'll also be discussing the upcoming Big Brew Day that will be held at Bricktown Brewery Fort Smith (on April 11th). Hope to see all of ya on Tuesday.....

Meeting Announcement 02/03/2015

Alright Home Brewers! It's the first of the month again, and we all know what that means. Our next River Valley Ale Raisers monthly BEER meeting will be THIS Tues. (Feb. 3rd) at 6:00 p.m. at GrowFresh Organics and More of Fort Smith Arkansas. Come join us for some BEER tasting and discussion of upcoming events for the club. Bring some of your fave home brew, craft beer, wine, mead, etc. to throw on the pile and enjoy some lively BEER conversation..... Cheers!

Bricktown Burns Dinner - 01/29/2015

Don't miss the Burns Dinner on Jan 31st featuring plenty of Elijah Grant's Wee Heavy Scotch Ale. Stacey Grubb and Paul Van Lare have brewed this fantastic limited release and they, along with the River Valley Ale Raisers, have been kind enough to donate it to our traditional Scottish feast complete with scotch tasting, bagpipes, live performances and more! Proceeds to benefit the Ft. Smith Firefighters Pipe & Drum Corps. Get your tickets or reserve a table today at the Bricktown Brewery or any member of the pipe & drum corps. Tickets are $25 per person or $135 for a table of six. (Limited availability)

Meeting Announcement 01/06/2015

Alright home brewers (and those who are interested in getting into home brewing)! It's time for our (River Valley Ale Raisers) first monthly meeting of the new year! As per usual, this Tues. night (the 6th), we'll be meeting at GrowFresh (next to Eureka Pizza on S. Zero St.) from 6:00 - 8:30-ish. Bring a friend and your fave homebrew, craft beer, wine, mead, or w/e else you want to contribute to the pile. Also, bring an empty 6-pack holder if you'd like to take home some extra beer that we've got on hand (more details at the meeting).

We will be discussing & finalizing some details for the Big Brew Day that's coming up quickly (within the next couple months or so) at Bricktown Brewery, and we want everyone's input and participation to make this an awesome event for the club.

I've also heard some scuttle-butt about an excellent Wee Heavy Scotch Ale being brewed and donated for the annual Burn's Night being put on by the Scottish Club of Fort Smith.... more details on that will be forthcoming (from Paul) at the meeting as well.

Sooo, now that you know what's in the works.... get yourselves down to the meeting and let us know how you want to assist in these endeavors.... or just come and taste some delicious BEER with us. See ya there! Cheers!

Party Time!! 12/12/2014

The party is tomorrow! All are welcome to join us, so bring a friend!

Saturday December 13th
5:30-6 ish PM
at the chaffee Media Center

Looks like it is going to be a full house and a ton of fun, please remember to have a designated driver! If you have not yet responded to the email please see the list below of what is going to be there and select something from the 'bring it' group.

Bring it Group

Confirmed Stuff
Beef Roast
Chicken dish
fruit pizza
quinoa salad
banana bread
Mashed Potatoes
Green Bean Casserole
cabbage ramon salad
Jalapeno cheese dip n ritz

See y'all tomorrow!
Election Day 11/04/2014

***** ATTENTION!! *****

Alright all River Valley Ale Raisers members (and those who might be interested in becoming one). Tomorrow night we'll be having our November monthly meeting at GrowFresh Organics and More of Fort Smith Arkansas at 6:00, and THIS Nov. is especially important because it's also time to ELECT/RE-ELECT club officers (Pres., VP, Treasurer, Secretary, etc.). Sooo, we need EVERYONE to show up and participate please. This club can only be what it's members make it, so let's all come together and make this happen.

Also, we will be discussing details for the Veteran's Day Parade and Fall Festival that's being held this Sat. (Nov. 8th) out at Chaffee Crossing, and making plans for the Beer-mas party coming up quickly in December. So, let's come prepared to give some input to make sure these events are "all they can be."

Sooo, grab a few Home Brews, Craft Beers, Wine, Mead, or whatever libation you enjoy to throw on the table to share around, and we'll all have a grand time. See ya there!

Happenings 09/05/2014

Hello Ale Raisers!

We just had our Sept. club meeting, and there's a lot happening, so here's an update (for those that didn't make it). First, we presented a check (proceeds from our Ale on the Border event last month) for $1,700 to Charlotte Tidwell of Antioch for Youth and Family. She was extremely grateful, and we look forward to being able to contribute even more next year! ;-)

Secondly, we have decided to POSTPONE our club's Big Brew Day to Sept. 27th.... due to some conflicts of schedule.... so it WILL NOT be on the 6th as previously discussed. We need as many members (AND newbies) as possible to come brew some beer. Get with Andy or Paul to see what kind of deal can be arranged to brew bigger batches so we can replenish our "Club Beer" supply.

Lastly, the Fest of Ale event is coming up on Oct. 3rd. So be looking for updates about that on FB and the website. Paul is gathering a list of names of people who want to volunteer to pour and help Paula (Glidewell) out with this event. We're still not sure what assistance she wants (or how many) from us, but it would be nice to have a list of people ready to go when she lets us know for sure. Happy Autumn (very soon) to all, and happy drinking, AND BREWING! ;-)


Meeting Announcement 08/28/2014

Hello Ale Raisers,

Please join us for the monthly River Valley Ale Raisers Tuesday September 2nd at growfresh, 2900 Zero St, 6:30 pm. Charolette Tidwell from Antioch will join us to accept a check from the proceeds of our 'Ale on the Border' fundraiser. We will sample beer and wine and share ideas and methods. Further information on the meeting to follow.

Fred Hindes, the host of our fall big brew day would like to host the event on September 13th instead of the previously discussed date of the 6th. Please let me know if anyone has any concerns about this change. We will discuss this further at the meeting.


Meeting Announcement 08/05/2014

Meeting is tonight at GrowFresh Organics and More of Fort Smith Arkansas starts at 6pm. We will be handing out scoresheets, talking about our great event, planning a big brew day, and handing out A LOT of door prize beer for any dues paying member. That brings me to the second point pay your damn dues. Dues were due in July, I know a lot of people didn't pay them because we didn't have a July meeting so now is the time. Pay your damn dues. See you all tonight

2014 AABO Offical Results

Wow! Ale On The Border & The All American Brew Off was a great success!! 441 came out to Ale On The Border, and there were 101 entries in the All American Brew Off! The results are in. Click HERE to see all the Winners

The Best Of Show Winners:
1st Adam Barnes - With "Once You Go Black" - American Stout
2nd Roy Roberson & Ron Ledford - With "Perro Robioso" - American Brown Ale
3rd Jed Reinhard - With "Jalapeno Amber Ale" - American Open

A big THANK YOU!! to everyone who made this event happen, and we are very glad to have been able to raise funds for a most worthy charity, Antioch Youth & Family.

See you all next year!!

All American Brew Off & Ale On The Border

Please join us this weekend, the 26th, for River Valley Ale Raiser's All American Brew Off & Ale On The Border. Check out our Ale On The Border event page for all the details. You'll be able to sample more then 100 of the best beers available all while listening local music. Doors open 6pm - 9pm with a $10 donation. All proceeds go to Antioch Youth & Family.

Hope to see you there!

Meeting Announcement 06/23/2014

Attention home brewers! We've got big doings "brewing" over the next month. Tomorrow night (June 24th) is our next planning meeting for our Ale on the Border and All American Brew Off events that are coming up (quickly) on July 26th. Don't forget, all Brew Off entries MUST be received by July 12th! You should also note that we won't be having our normal monthly meeting in July b/c both Paul (first week of July) and Andy (second week of July) will be out of town on the first and second Tuesdays..... also b/c of the proximity to July the 4th. We look forward to seeing everyone come out and help us make these events something that the public can really get behind and enjoy. If anyone wants to volunteer (we can use all the help we can get) to help out with these events, please contact Andy, Paul, and/or Jed.


Meeting Announcement 05/04/2014

This should be a fun meeting! As always you do not need to be a member to attend a meeting, please bring a friend and come join us. Your local Saddlebock rep and brew club member Chris White will be sharing a couple great local brews, and we will be discussing the exiting field of flavors found in sour beer. I hope Chris brings some of their blueberry tart...a fine example of sour beer I tried last night at the Old Town Grain & Feed. Of course we will be discussing the AABO and trying to generate some good ideas to make this the best Brew Off yet! Please try to come up with some ideas of your own or things you have seen at similar events that would be fun engaging or of interest to participants new and old.


Big Beautiful Brewday 03/04/2014

Time to brew some beer! The club will be hosting a Big Brewday this Sunday starting at 8am. If you've never brewed with all grain, here's your chance to learn all about it. If you are a member of the club and would like to brew, Growfresh is offering to pay for your 2 row grain in exchange for a 5 gal carboy of whatever you're brewing. This will go back to the Club to be used for tastings, club events (like big brew days), and our meetings. If you don't want to brew beer, just come hang out and have a few beers with us.
Here is the location:
2116 South L Street Fort Smith AR
Hope you see you there!!
Meeting Announcement 03/04/2014

Join us tonight for our monthly meeting, 6pm at Growfresh. We always have a table setup to share our beers, mead, and wine, so if you have some homebrewed beer, bring it, and join in! If you've never brewed before and would like to see what it takes to get started, this is the right place to be. Paul at Growfresh has all you need to get started, and there are a bunch of friendly brewers who would be more than happy to answer any quesitons you have. Bring a friend and come check it out!
Meeting Announcement 01/06/2014

Our January meeting will be on January 7th at 6 pm at Growfresh. We will be talking about our next big brew day in preparation of the All American Brew Off. Also we will be joined by the owner of Saddlebock Brewing Company. Come join us.
RVAR Christmas Party 12/02/2013

This month we will not be having our regular scheduled meeting at Growfresh, but instead will be having our annual Christmas party on Saturday December 7th at 6 pm. Potluck and lots of refreshments. We will be having it at 4721 Zero St, Fort Smith, AR 72903. The link below has the dot right on the building where it will be. When you pull into the property you will pull into the lower lot and enter the side door. There is a kitchen on site. If you have any problem finding the place my cell number is 812-887-4043. Hope to see you all there!

Click here for Location
Meeting Announcement 11/05/2013

Remember remember the 5th of November
Barley, yeast and the hops
I see no reason the 5th of November should ever be forgot

6pm growfresh
Bring your friend to Brewday!

We have 5 beer kits that are up for grabs for free that we will be giving away to one of your friends! Here are the stipulations.

1. They must be a first time brewer
2. They must know someone in the club
3. They must go to growfresh and pick them out and get their name on the list. They will not be taking them home with them. The kits will be at the big brew day.
4. These are on a first come first server basis and we will have a waiting list if more than 5 are interested.
5. They must attend the September River Valley Ale Raisers meeting. They don’t have to join the club, but we would love it if that is the way it happens.
6. They must attend the Big Brew Day on Sat. September 7th to brew the kit

AABO Results

Thanks to everyone for the success of this years event. Here are the Best of Show Winners!!

1st Place: Robert Bacon - Catch Her in the Rye IPA

2nd Place: David Johnson - American Stout - 05

3rd Place: Jed Reinhard - Schlitz 1919

Honourable Mention: Jed Reinhard - Ain't Bud 13

Here are the full results:
AABO Results
AABO Schedule

Hello Ale Raisers,

Here is a little schedule info about the AABO this coming Saturday the 27th!

The 4th annual All American Brew Off is this Saturday, July 27th, a the Fort Smith River Front Park. RVAR has both the east and west buildings.

Competition Judging: 9 am to 12:30 pm

Non-Judge Beer Tasting: 9:00 am to 12:30pm (if you can bring a 5 gal soda keg with some beer in it, do that)

Break for Lunch and scoring 12:30 pm to 4 pm.

Set up for Dinner (Pot Luck) and awards ceremony: 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm

Evening Activities: 5:30p to 11:00p

Dinner: 6:00-7:30

Award Ceremony: 7:30 - 8:30

Door Prizes, two meats provided, bring your favorite dish.

Contact Donna to coordinate dishes/dinner at 479-597-8363

AABO Judging is open to all club memebers, and experience judges will be on hand to guide you through the competition. We have 15 flights this year, and will need to limit the Non-BJCP judges to 18, first come first serve. For the small flights, there will be two judging sessions to help catch everyone who wants to judge.

Executive officers need to be there early for set-up, Everyone else needs to be ready to Judge at 9 am…ASSUMING WE ARE ALL SET UP.

Looking forward to this great event, please call me at growfresh if you have any questions,479-648-8885.
Meeting Announcement 06/04/2013

If you haven’t been to a meeting for awhile the you are going to want to make it to this one. We will be visited by the guys from the Leakey Roof Meadery. See you at Growfresh at 6.

Also, be thinking about the All American Brew Off. If you haven’t brewed for it yet then get those beers growing. Paid Members get one free entry so you will want to take advantage of that!
Meeting Announcement 03/07/2013

Aright folks! The time for our monthly River Valley Ale Raisers Brew Club meeting is upon us once again. Come join us at GrowFresh of Fort Smith @ 2900 S. Zero St. (next to Eureka Pizza) at 6:00 tonight if you love & enjoy craft beers and/or are interested in breaking into homebrewing, winemaking, etc. Feel free to bring some of your favorite craft brews, latest home brews, or home made wines to share with the group. This is a great meeting to bring a new person to because Paul will be doing a demo on brewing a kit. I will be missing this meeting as I will be in Austin (impeach him boo), but I am sure it will be a good time. Also if you didn’t make it to Growfresh for the brew day then you are lame and you missed a good day of brewing despite the nasty weather.
Meeting Announcement 02/05/2013

The meeting is tonight at 6 pm at Growfresh located at 2900 S. Zero. Don't forget to bring your entries to Bluebonnet. Also don't forget that this Sunday is a Big Brew Day so we expect to see you all out brewing with us.
Big Brew Day

Mark your calendars, our next big brew day will be Sunday, Feb 10th. If you choose to brew a barley wine then the club will cover the cost of the two row for a 5 gal batch. In return you must enter the barley wine in the American Brew Off 2013, the All American Brew Off 2014, and two other competitions. Feel free to brew whatever you want just come and join us. I will send out directions when the event gets closer. Anyone who does not attend is a traitor to their country.

The River Valley Ale Raisers have always had a good showing at Bluebonnet, I expect this year to be no different. If you are looking for some quality feedback on your beers then here is your chance. This event is a great opportunity to learn from the judge's feedback and I hope everyone takes advantage of it. Entries that are dropped off at Growfresh before Jan 23rd will be driven down to the event. Otherwise you can pay postage and risk your bottles being broken just make sure they are there before the cut off date of Feb. 17th. Chipping in a few bucks for gas would be appreciated after all you are saving on postage. Information on this year's event can be found here: bluebonnetbrewoff
Fest of Ale

The River Valley Ale Raisers will be at the Fest of Ale this Friday evening from 6pm to 9pm. We'll have 8 beers on tap plus countless other beers to taste from Glidewell and Burford. It's $35 to get in but considering wide variety of beers to taste it is well worth it! For an extra $15 you can also taste their tequila. We hope to see you all there!!

Checkout the event page here:
Fest of Ale
All American Brew Off Winners!!

The results are in and here are the Winners of the All American Brew Off 2012:

The Winners are!

This was our biggest turnout yet. We had over 40 entries from all over the country. We also had a bunch of people drop by who were interested in getting started in homebrewing. A big thank you to all volunteers who made this event happen and to Hellbender Meadery for giving out samples and chatting with people about their tasty Mead. We will see you all at the next River Valley Ale Raisers club meeting August 7th at 6:00 p.m.
Lagers And Ales Take Center Stage In Fort Smith!

The All American Brew Off is this Saturday! If you miss the Southwest Times Record article about our Brew Off check it out here: Lagers And Ales Take Center Stage In Fort Smith

Just as a reminder here is the event schedule for this Saturday.

8:30 – Arrival and set up
9:00 – 12:30 Beer judging / Open to the public
12:30 – Lunch at Joe's Grill and Cantina
2:00 – 3:00 Best of show judging (Judges and steward only)
2:00 - 5:00 Free time – Local attractions
5:00 - 6:00 Set up for awards and dinner
6:00 - 6:30 Social time, beer tasting
6:30 - Dinner
7:00 – 8:00 Awards presentations
8:00 - Social time until the hotel asks us to leave

Tell a friend and come on out! We look forward to seeing you all there.

Meeting Announcement 07/03/2012

We will have our regular meeting on Tuesday, July 3rd at 6:00 at the GrowFresh store. I will be demonstrating the basics of a yeast starter and how to build a stir plate to make things easy. Also don't forget this is a great chance to bring your AABO entries and get them turned in. Here are the Entry forms and labels. Last day to turn in entries is July 10th.

If you don't usually grab one you should pick up an @Urban Magazine. This months magazine has a great article on home brewing and the All American Brew Off. Big thanks to Jed for making his house available for the demo and setting this up.

Hope to see you all on Tuesday.

Meeting Announcement - 06/05/2012

We have a special meeting tomorrow night sitll at GrowFresh at 6:30. Todd from Hellbender Meadery will be joining us to tell us about his new Meadery and show off some of his meads. For those that have an interest in mead this should be a great meeting for you to attend, maybe dig even dig up some mead and bring it in.

Also as a reminder, All American Brew-Off is just around the corner. Our next meeting in July will be one week before the entry deadline, good time to bring your entries in. All the details and forms are right here.
AABO Event Entry Form
AABO Rules
AABO Bottle Labels E-Form

Aspen Hotel Discounted Room Rates

Aspen Hotel and Suites 2900 S. 68th, Fort Smith, AR 72903

2012 AABO discounted room rate special, 10 rooms only for Saturday July 28th, checkout Sunday July 29th.

Regular Room rate is $84.99 +tax, River Valley Ale Raiser AABO discounted rate is 69.99+tax per night for reservations made prior to July 1, 2012. Beginning July 1, 2012 the Regular Room rate will apply.

Each individual guest must make their own reservations by calling 479-452-9000. When calling they must identify themselves as members or guests of the River Valley Ale Raisers. All reservations must be guaranteed and accompanied by a first night room deposit or guaranteed with a major credit card.

Check-In time 3:00pm Check out time 11:00am

Method of payment is individual payment, guests are responsible for paying all reserved accommodations and incidentals. In the event individual room reservations are cancelled less than 24 hours prior to arrival, the individual agrees to pay the hotel a cancellation fee equal to the first nights room and tax. Standard hotel rules and regulations apply regarding all hotels guest relations.

All American Brew Off update and schedule.

The judging and awards ceremony will be in the Vail room of the Aspen Hotel, 2900 So. 68th street. Located just off Rogers Avenue and I-540 in Fort Smith. Aspen Phone is 479-452-9000

When you call the hotel for reservations, ask for the event discount on the room rate. We will be negotiating a special room rate and will have more details on that soon.

Here is the Event Schedule: 7/28/12

8:30a – Arrival and set up
9:00 – 12:30 Second Round judging
12:30 – Lunch, a group event with beer tasting is being planned.
2:00 – 3:00 Best of show judging (Judges and steward only)
2:00 - 5:00 Free time – Local attractions
5:00 - 6:00 Set up for awards and dinner
6:00 - 6:30 Social time, beer tasting
6:30 - Dinner
7:00 – 8:00 Awards presentations
8:00 - Social time until the hotel asks us to leave

The RVAR will be providing dinner, non-club members need to contact Jed Reinhard 479-221-2874 to confirm dinner arrangements with the club.

All American Brew Off!!

Brewers get ready for the All American Brew Off on July 28th 2012! Sponsored by the River Valley Ale Raisers and Wine & Brew Makers Gallery at GrowFresh. Entries are due by July 10th 2012.

Entry form

The American Categories are:
American Lager or Pilsner: BJCP 1A,1B, 1C, and 2C
Dark American Lager: BJCP 4A
American Wheat or Rye: BJCP 6D
California Common: BJCP 10A
American Pale Ale: BJCP 10A
American Amber or Brown: BJCP 10B & 10C
American Stout: BJCP 13E
American IPA: BJCP 14B
American Barleywine: BJCP 19C
Specialty Beer: 23 (American open*)

The entry fees is $7 for each entry. Prizes will be awarded in each of the American Style categories.

Winners will receive:
1st place: Glass engraved with the AABO logo, category and year
2nd place: Silver medal
3rd place: Bronze medal

Best of Show winners will receive:
1st place BOS: $75 and a glass engraved with Best of Show.
2nd place BOS: $25.

Big Brew Day!

We will be having a big brew day on April 28th at Andy’s House in Fort Smith. We will start at 9am. Here is how it is going to work… You pick the all grain recipe; double it so it makes 10 gallons ten gallons and the club will cover the entire base 2 row. We will brew it all at Andy's and 5 gallons will go with the club. The club will then have a good variety of beer to serve at the All American Brew Off and the Fest of Ale.

If you want to brew an all grain recipe but do not have the equipment this is a great chance to learn about the all grain process. Just let me know what you want to brew and if you need any equipment. If you already brew all grain and just want to brew at the event, then just let me know what your recipe call for. I’m sure we will have enough grain, but it wouldn’t hurt to know what everybody is brewing.

if you have any questions, let me know.

Meeting Announcement

We will have our regularly scheduled meeting at 6:00 Tomorrow night at the GrowFresh Store located at 2900 S. Zero St.

If you have any entries for Blue Bonnet you can bring them. I will store them until they make there trip down to Dallas. For anybody that hasn't bottled yet you still have time. Entries are not due until February 24th, I will announce the date that our beers are going down as soon as it is finalized. If you have any business in Dallas before the 24th let me know if you wouldn't mind dropping off some club beers, it might save a special trip.

Meeting Announcement

As requested at our last meeting our next meeting will change to the Second Tuesday on January 10th. Still at Growfresh, Still at 6:00. Also as a General rule if there is any nasty weather I would always play it safe. I will send out an email if Paul is going to close the shop due to weather, but you can always call me if you are not sure. Its best to use your judgement, you know where you live and if it makes more sense to stay at home and enjoy a beer.

Our Christmas party was a great success. Thanks to all who attended and brought food and beer, and a BIG Thank you to everybody who donated to our Angel Tree charity this year. We has some great items donated for an auction this year and we we were able to raise $378 to help some local kids.

Hope you all have a safe and hoppy new year, see you in 2012.

Foam Cup Entries are open. Here are the details:

Entries Accepted: October 17 - November 12, 2011 Registration opens October 10, 2011

Judging: November 18-19, 2011
Awards Banquet: November 19, 2011 Click here for Banquet & Ticket Information

We'll be accepting Beer, Mead and Cider entries for BJCP 2008 style guideline categories 1 - 28.

For the complete list of categories, please see the official BJCP 2008 Style Guidelines.

Entry Fees:
$7.00/entry for online registration (...more details)

$8.00/entry for hand-written registration (...more details)

Entry Window: October 17 - November 12, 2011.
Registration begins October 10, 2011

Shipping Address - Ship your entries to:
High Gravity
Attn: FOAM Cup
7164 S. Memorial
Tulsa, OK 74133
Telephone: (918) 461-2605
All American Brew Off Winners!!

Hello Brewers

The results are in and here are the Winners of the All American Brew Off 2011:
The Winners are!

A big thank you to all volunteers that made this event happen. We will see you all at the next River Valley Ale Raisers club meeting August 2nd 6:00 p.m.
All American Brew Off Update

Hello Brewers

The All American Brew Off is almost here! We thought we would give you a quick update to our plans. We are going to have a first round judging for some of the categories this Saturday 07/16/2011

Second round judging will be held on 07/23/2011 at:
River Front Amphitheater
112 Clayton Expressway

We will have the West Room from 8a.m.-12p.m. for judging and 6p.m.-10p.m. for our Potluck dinner and awards presentation. We will begin setup for the event at 8a.m. and will start judging at 9a.m.

We can't wait to see you all there!
All American Brew Off

Sponsored by: River Valley Ale Raisers - Wine & Brew Makers Gallery at GrowFresh and River Valley Mulch.
All American Brew Off
23rd of July
9:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M., July 23, 2011
Location to be determined

See our announcement in Zymurgy; this is planned as an AHA Sanctioned Event

1st Place Best of Show Wins: $75
2nd Place Best of Show Wins: $25

Prizes Awarded in each category for 1st, 2nd, 3rd. 1st Place to receive custom engraved glass.

$7 Entry Fee: See our web site for rules and entry forms:
Make Checks Payable to River Valley Ale Raisers

Mail Entries To: Jed Reinhard, 11316 Amanda Ln, Fort Smith AR 72916

ENTRY DEAD LINE: July 9th, 2011

Competition Categories: It’s simple, Anything American. If it has “American” or “California” in the Style Name, ENTER IT, we’ll judge it and reward the best!
• American Lager or Pilsner: BJCP 1A, 1B, 1C & 2C
• Dark American Lager: BJPC 4A
• American Wheat or Rye: BJCP 6D
• California Common: BJCP 7B
• American Pale Ale: BJCP 10A
• American Amber or Brown: BJCP 10B & 10C
• American Stout: BJCP 13E
• American IPA: BJCP 14B
• American Barleywine: BJCP 19C
We reserve the right to combine categories as appropriate.

For more Information Call or Email: Lucas: 479-459-6264
or Jed: 479-221-2874 register online here. Absolutely no entries will be accepted after July 9th! Please make checks payable to The River Valley Ale Raisers.

Files (click to download)
Entry Form
Bottle Forms
Event Flyer
© River Valley Ale Raisers 2011